Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Experimental Journey

Over the past week I have been constantly testing out De Bono's blue and green hats (De Bono, E. 2004). The blue hat for organisation of thinking has played an integral part in the construction of my blog and deciphering which information to incorporate and inform of my technological journey. The green hat of creativity and ideas is guiding me through a labyrinth of what is previously unsourced technological information, and assisting in building basic foundations for understanding what is possible.
As you can see I have accessed the 'Spell with Flickr' page and managed to control my first screen dump. I further challenged myself by using the Office Picture Manager to crop and make adjustments before posting the E-Learning logo onto my blog. This may seem like a small step to many of you, but I find it an enormous achievment and can not wait to play with the other programs provided by Jacqui and Linda which are listed on my blog. If anyone has some other fantastic sites to visit, please do not hesitate to let me know. My next accomplishment will hopefully be the download of 'Google Reader'.
I am now beginning to fully comprehend the theory behind connectivism, and as Siemens (2004) states, "new information is continually acquired and the ability to draw conclusions between what is important and unimportant is challenging." We live in a knowledge era and a time of great gains in technological know how. The best way to cultivate your knowldege and keep abreast of what is important is to be involved and social network, by both giving and receiving information. We are in the beginning of accomplishing this by contributing to the processes of the forums and blogs.
I hope your journey so far has been as rewarding and interesting as mine. I look forward to reading your entries into your own blogs and appreciate any feedback or comments.
Talk soon,


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  1. Hi Kellie,

    Yes, De Bonos thinking hats have been quite an integral part of the journey so far.I have found myself changing them regularly!

    Your blog looks great and congratulations on your first 'spell with Flickr' creation. I am looking forward to all of the useful sites that Jacqui and Linda will have in store for us in the weeks ahead.

    Talk soon and good luck with your next blogging adventures.
    : ) Kerri.