Sunday, July 26, 2009

RSS Aggregators and Me (Really Simple Syndication)

The challenge I set myself in my second posting was to download an RSS Aggregator and Google Reader. This task was not as challenging as I predicted and is a really successful tool for monitoring blogs and websites.

It is amazing how a concept so simple can feed information from your favourite blogs/websites and collate it in a manageable web page. The conjunction of these two programs provide opportunities to view the latest blog posts, edits and comments from a central area, and eliminates wasted time trolling and searching the blogs. Time is precious.

The applications of this software in class related activities is integral to the successful use of blogs as a collaborative and individual learning tool in the classroom. Google reader allows the teacher to receive posted information from students' blogs. This is an important tool required to manage, monitor and interact with the students and their tasks.

The acquisition and building of knowledge through the use of non-human appliances (Siemens, G., 2005) relies heavily of the right people connected in the right context. A student or individual feeds personal knowledge into the social network where others can read, reflect and learn. Google reader allows the fluid transition of knowledge in a social network and eliminates the process of searching through unwanted information.

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  1. Hi Kellie,

    You are so right, it really is amazing how such a simple concept can create such ease for so many people. It would be kind of nice for life to be like this on occasions, you know feed in the information and life is organized!

    Since commencing this course i have found myself on so many occasions just sitting there thinking "wow, computers are just amazing pieces of technology". They certainly provide teachers today with unlimited opportunities to enhance student learning. It makes you wonder how those teaching 30 years ago coped.

    Anyway, chat again soon,
    Kerri : )

  2. Hi Kellie and Kerri,

    I have to agree with what you have said and I am continually blown away with what is available to us. These new communication technologies can be used in so many ways within the classroom as they are not only easy to use but can save a considerable amount of time.

    A couple of weeks ago I had no idea what a blog was let alone an RSS feeder. This E-Learning course has certainly allowed me to explore areas that once I may have steered away from and I am acquiring new knowledge everyday.

    Talk soon,