Friday, August 14, 2009

SlideShare boasts itself as being the world's largest community for sharing presentations (SlideShare Inc, 2009). SlideShare is a valuable tool for uploading, tagging, downloading or embedding presentations into blogs and websites. Simply sign up free of charge, and begin downloading your presentations to your personal SlideShare page. Once you have downloaded your presentations they are stored into a tab called My Slidespace and may be shown publicly or privately.

Siemens (2004) believes that within social networks, there are hubs of well-connected people who are able to foster and maintain knowledge flow. The implementation of technologies such as SlideShare foster the environment of social networking, providing a place where people can download and share knowledge, ideas, presentations and work collaboratively to achieve a common outcome.

During the process of uploading a PowerPoint presentation into SlideShare, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and use of the application. After a hick up or two I was able to import my relevant YouTube clip, and easily embed the presentation into my blog. Although I was happy with my progress with SlideShare, considering it was my first visit, I became quickly annoyed as I noticed that the animations (which took so long to adjust and enter) were no longer active. This is obviously an element of SlideShare that needs further investigation to ensure a quality product is produced.

SlideShare also offers the syncing of audio into your slides to provide a more engaging and descriptive presentation. The following embedded presentation was developed in conjunction with my fellow University buddies, Kerri and Nari, and used in a multiliteracy group presentation.




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  1. Hi Kellie,
    I'm yet to explore this site but you have given a very detailed explanation of this new elearning tool. You spoke about moments of success and moments of frustration which seems to be the common theme for all of the Digital Immigrants (including myself) participating in this course! (lol) Anyway, in the words of Winston Churchill 'Never, never, never give up'. Talk soon.