Saturday, August 15, 2009

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Grade five quiz - 'Life Cycles of Flowers'

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First a little of my journey to ClassMarker.

For some reason, I have been avoiding ClassMarker during my progression through the Delivery Technologies section of the E-Learning course. When I finally accessed the site and constructed the quiz, there was a feeling of success and relief, that is until I began the process of downloading the URL to my Blog.

It was easy to put the URL to the blog except it did not connect to my quiz. I was quickly getting frustrated and gave up for the night and returned with a fresh start the next day. This is when I accessed the external test link and embedded the above link to my blog. I am still unsure if this was the correct procedure as others have the actual link posted to their blogs. Please feel free to access the test and let me know how it goes.

What is ClassMarker

Today's generation of students are computer literate and aren't the least bit intimidated by technology. For these reasons it stands to reason that they would prefer the efficiency and speed of taking part in online tests. As Bruce & Perry state(n.d., as cited in Prensky, 2001), the information introduced to today's students is processed fundamentally differently from their predecessors. Online tests and quizzes, when used appropriately, would provide a renewed interest, engagement, and willingness for student's to participate in testing.

ClassMarker provides a simple program to create and construct tests and quizzes that your learners can take online (ClassMarker, 2009). Online quizzes are not only an excellent technological tool for classed-based, and individual testing, this technology can be used as a personal study tool to set tests for individuals and their friends (ClassMarker, 2009).

Some of the available quiz features include:

1. Creating quizzes
2. Save quiz results
3. Link quizzes directly to website, email or blogs
4. Randomise quiz
5. Variety of quiz types including - multiple choice, true/false, short answer
6. Have quiz results emailed to you
7. Investigate and use other quizzes on ClassMarker
(ClassMarker, 2009)

During a lesson I will be conducting with in my placement school, the students will be instructed to access the following site.

Life cycles - Flower

Here they will use interactive online programs about the life cycle of flowers (which was previously taught), allowing students to label parts and access more in depth information about each specific part and its role in the flowers life cycle. Once students have completed their investigations they will progress to the online quiz from the link above. Once the test is completed the students will produce a hard copy of their own diagram of a flower and labeled its parts . This will be placed in their science journal, started specifically for this unit of work.



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  1. Hi Kellie,
    I had the same trouble with this site. I thought it was all too good to be true and created my test with ease. When it came to posting the URL to my blog it did not link directly to my test. Finally I managed to fix this problem by creating a group and assigning the test there. This gave me the correct URL and Bob's your uncle (actually he's my grandfather). Anyway, I've clicked on your link and it took me directly there, well done! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Kellie and Nari,

    I think many people have had some difficulties with the site. For some reason i was not able to paste in the URL into my blog, no matter how many times i tried.

    Nari, i too had to create a group and assign the test in there. However, i still could not copy the URL i had to type it in. How un21st century is that!

    Kel your blog looks great, i look forward to your next post.