Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PowerPoint Buttons and Quizzes

Access the following link to view a short four question buttons quiz - 'The Lifecycle of Flowers'

Apologies for calling the PPT buttons, It was called this during the construction of the action buttons. I enjoyed building a PowerPoint quiz, this is something I could play with for hours, and also why the quiz is only four questions long at this stage (I had to stop myself or get consumed). The only problem I encountered was to link the incorrect answers to a slide stating "This answer in incorrect, please try again". Although the link was made and all apears well, when the flower icon is chosen the link will not activate, in saying this all other links are active.

Reading the other blogs, some of my colleagues Kerri, Melissa and Nalalie believe that quizzing on classmarker is the way to go, I agree with these statements, however, I also see the potential for incorporating a PPT quiz into the classroom. The PPt can be more than a quiz, and contain further tools for engagment and learning. The first half of the PPT may contain information from which these questions are drawn, providing a source for the information and knowledge to be obtained before conducting the quiz.

The action buttons were easy to embed, as were the home and hyperlink buttons. Pictures and drawings can be downloaded onto the PPT to provide further visual stimulation. The PPT was then uploaded into MediaFire where it could be posted into my blog via a link.

Bye for Now,



  1. Wow Kellie, Your PowerPoint Quiz is excellent!, congratulations!. ?I had a go at them also but could find how to put into a powerpoint as one of my disapointments in my quiz was that there were no pictures etc. But the way you have created it is great.
    i can see how these can be used in the classroom. A great visual engaging learning tool for all students. I believe most students would enjoy quiz's more if they were presented in these ways.

  2. Hi Kellie,
    I agree with Wendy, it is a great little quiz. It really is an easy process to follow and yes, it could be extremely time consuming. I have found that i could spend hours and hours, which i do not have, creating PowerPoints just to play with.

    I am looking forward to having the opportunity to incorporate more PowerPoints into my lessons, as i believe they are a truly valuable tool for learning.

    Chat soon,
    Kerri : )

  3. Hi Wendy,Kerri,

    I use PPT's in the classroom, and quite often as a tool to ensure I am asking those deeper, rich questions to encourage discussion and understanding in the classroom.

    This is the advantage of having a IWB in the classroom.