Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flickr Fun for Students

The Three Sisters
Originally uploaded by TheGirlsNY

Flickr offers a great online storage and share facility for images and video. This site offers easy to use tools that can be accessed and manipulated by students after they open an account.

I have chosen a photo of the Blue Mountains which corresponds whith my previous unit used in Wiki. These rocky mountains are the major characters in the Dreamtime story 'The Three Sisters'. By using Flickr students can find images which correspond to the Dreamtime stories from books, digital storytelling and guest speakers.

These pictures can be downloaded onto a student blog and comments made about the story and images. Comments which could be made-

  • What are the pictures of?

  • Where can they be found?

  • How did you find the pictures?

  • How does this picture relate to a Dreamtime story?

The use of Flickr and other image organisers are not without problems and issues. Whilst at school, students should to be informed of copyright infringements as some materials contain a 'some rights reserved attachment'. Students will also have to be monitored as adult rated materials are often revealed through an innocent word search.

Talk soon,



  1. H Kellie,

    Flickr is a fantastic program that allows users to upload, edit, organise, shape and share their images and video. By utilizing Flickr in the classroom, students will have the ability to access Picnik, which which allow them to add their own creative touches and edit their images.

    As mentioned in many of my blog posts, i too have some concerns with the safety factors involved with some of these sights. It just remains to be said that 'consistent monitoring is essential'.

    Chat soon,

  2. Hi Kerri,

    I do love the idea of using piknic in the classroom, and I am sure there is a place for flickr, it would depend of the profiles of the learning cohort, to decide when and how to use it.